The XClean Story

It all started with an idea. Over fifteen years ago there was this idea, that cleaning should be easy, without the need for more and more nasty chemicals. Out of this idea and much testing was born the first XClean product – Xtreme Clean.

The original look of Xtreme Clean was different to what it is today.

Xtreme clean original label

Whilst the label might have changed the exceptional product formulation of Xtreme Clean has continued to exceed expectations.

Based off the success of this product, other products, Doo Away, Sure Thing, and then Power Grit were added to the XClean range. The excellence of all of these products makes XClean New Zealand’s leading supplier of niche cleaning chemicals.

Who Is XClean?

XClean was formed as a cohesive brand back in 2011. The current owner of the rights to the brand is John Whyte.

John is a cheerful man with a passion for exceptional customer experiences, and for making cleaning easier.

John spoke with his first prospective customer over six years, and this couple are still using Xtreme Clean today.

Customers who call 0800 366 292 usually get John’s happy voice on the phone and he is always ready to answer questions about any XClean product or to provide advice on cleaning anything.