Another Happy Fly Poo Remover Customer

Our blog post about how easy it is to clean Fly Poo (fly spots) with Xtreme Clean is one of our most popular posts. Every week we get phone calls asking about it, and seeing if it really is that simple.

Today we got a phone call that was a bit different. A customer had read our blog post about cleaning off fly spots from a ceiling and had purchased some of our Xtreme Clean.

The customer was absolutely blown away by it. They called back to say “It’s magic” “You just spray and wipe it and all the fly shit comes away” “You’ve absolutely saved me hours of time”. Which is fantastic feedback! Particularly as we’ve been using Xtreme Clean ourselves for over a decade, its so easy to forget that cleaning jobs can be difficult.

Xtreme Clean makes cleaning fly spots easy! Just spray with a mix of Xtreme Clean and wipe off. You can grab some Xtreme Clean here!