New Zealand’s Ministry of Health is not issuing any comment as to what is effective against COVID-19 but lots of other countries are. In the USA the National Enviromental Agency says that Benzalkonium Chloride is effective to sanitise areas that have come into contact with COVID-19.  They say that a solution of 0.05% is sufficient to sanitize the area. 

Our Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser & Spray has over ten times that amount of Benzalkonium Chloride.

We also use Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride.  Canada has approved products as effective against COVID-19 that have less than the amount of Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride our Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser & Spray has.

Both Benzalkonium Chloride and Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride have been approved by the Western Australian state government in general terms, meaning that any product containing either of these requires no testing to use an effictive against COVID-19 claim.  Our Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser & Spray has both.

We are an Essential Service

As an essential service we can operate and ship during the Level 4 shutdown. For the week ending 4 April 2020 we shipped over 8000 items. 97.8% of these left the working day after the order was placed. 74.2% of all shipped orders arrived the next working day after shipping. 92.3% of all items were received within 2 working days of ordering.  You can order our sanitiser any time via our website. We are expecting sales to ramp up even further as New Zealand comes out of lockdown back to a Level 3 alert, as businesses across the country realise they will need a product to disinfect the hands of staff and clients, as well as workspaces, tools, and vehicles. Beat the rush and get your order in early. 

Shipped order 9 April

We can fulfill the volume your business needs

We have carefully ensured all of our staff members are working from home during this trying time. Several of them have garages full of product so we can get it out whilst absolutely minimizing contact. Here are 74 20 Litre containers being shipped out 9 April, going to two seperate clients. One of these is a business preparing to disinfect its entire 40 vehicle fleet twice a day once lockdown is over. You can join them in being prepared by ordering here.

Our Story

X-Clean has been providing high quality agricultural chemicals to the New Zealand market for 20 years. During 2019 when Bovis was the headline virus the X-Clean team found themselves needing to disinfect their hands, feet, and sides of vehicle, before every farm driveway they went down. We didn’t think it was the best idea to have a separate product for each of these locations, so we developed a single product that would disinfect all three. We wanted something that would be soft on our skin, but hard on the virus.

Due to its non sting nature the product was a big hit with X-Clean staff and was then sold to others in a similar situation.

When COVID-19 reared its ugly head we were soon asked if we had anything effective against that. As the medical literature emerged showing two of our active ingredients were active against COVID we stepped up product ensuring we had hundreds of thousand litres on hand ready to protect New Zealand.