Bananas, Fabric, and Xtreme Clean

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Of Stains, Marks, and differences

One of the great things about Xtreme Clean is that it cannot damage fabric. This also means that it cannot dye, or change the existing dye in a fabric. A number of of other cleaners can change the dye in a fabric, bleach being the obvious one. You touch bleach to fabric, the strength of the fabric lessens and the colour changes drastically.

Dyes permanently change the colours of fabric once set. In simple terms the dye welds to the fabric.
Most stains on the other hand don’t set to the fabric, they just soak in and are difficult to remove.

Another way to look at it is that the colour of the wallpaper is the dye, but those smudgy marks your kids leave all over your walls are stains. (Protip : Xtreme Clean makes short work of 99% of those marks, but those remaining 1% require much gnashing of teeth).

Most stains are grease based, which is why prespraying clothing with Xtreme Clean (at a 1:5 dilution usually) before washing it produces such excellent results.

However banana is different, it actually dyes the fabric, and once its set in, you can’t get that shirt back.

So when feeding a baby bananas it is more important than you think not to let it be mushed into their clothes. At least, not if you like the clothes they are in. If you have made this mistake your best option is to quickly rinse the item under cold water, then quickly throw it into a hot wash and pray really really hard that you’ve acted soon enough.