Proven Safe

No harmful effects on humans, animals, or plants. Guano-be-gone keeps birds away without harming them.

Easy to use

Repell birds effectively by spraying around affected areas every 3-4 weeks. Place Guano-Be-Gone in any sprayer, pump up, knapsack, or bike spray unit and spray! Simple, easy, and effective.

Safe on surfaces

Can be used on surfaces ranging from concrete and wood, to steel without causing damage.
Non-corrosive so cannot damage knapsack or sprayer

Inside & outside use

Effective in both indoor and outdoor environments. Ideal for concrete pads, interior sheds, and buildings.


How it works

Guano-Be-Gone is formulated to be an offensive smell to birds. To mammals, the smell is similar to grapes, and is barely noticeable, however birds will move away from the area and will not return if used regularly.

It is effective on almost all birds including pigeons, swallows, miners, fantails, and more. (ineffective with chickens and pukekos) 

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