Blast away Nicotine build up with Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean makes cleaning cigarette smoke easy

Blitz that smoke build up with Xtreme Clean!

With awareness regarding smoking, and more and more landlords asking tenants not to smoke inside you don’t see nicotine buildup as often as you did several years ago. BUt that yellow / orange build up is unmistakable. It stains everything, walls, roof, bookshelves. It’s also really hard to get rid of.
Xtreme Clean cleans nicotine buildup with ease. Simply make up a mix of Xtreme Clean at 1:10 (one part of NZ’s best citrus based cleaner to ten parts water). Spray it on the area and watch the nicotine buildup just run away.
The longer part is making sure you collect all of the loose buildup off the ceiling. My advice is to have a mop and bucket of water and just mop the ceiling after you spray it with Xtreme Clean. Sometimes I write articles with tricks, but the only trick here is knowing that Xtreme Clean makes short work of cleaning this hideous build up.
The other trick is knowing you can purchase Xtreme Clean online here.