Car Ceilings and Xtreme Clean

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Cleaning the Unclean-able – Xtreme Clean

Something very few people clean is the roof on the inside of their car. There are many ways Xtreme Clean helps with cleaning the exterior of your motor vehicle. New Zealand’s best citrus cleaner can also help clean the inside of your vehicle as well.
Yes Xtreme Clean can (and will) clean your dashboard, and remove stains out of your seats. It will also do wonders to the interior roof.
Why would your roof need cleaning? The most extreme case is if you, or anyone else, has smoked inside the vehicle. The nicotine from the cigarettes will settle on the inside roof giving it a lovely shade of yellow. If you’ve been driving the vehicle for a while you won’t even notice that it’s happened. Get a mix of Xtreme Clean at a 1:10 dilution (1 part Xtreme Clean to 10 parts water). Spray this mix on the roof of the vehicle and stand by.
If it is woolen sort of fabric interior you will then need to agitate the surface slightly, use either the head of a trigger sprayer or a stiff bristled brush to do this. Then hold an absorbent cloth up to the interior and soak as much of the Xtreme Clean out as you can. You will be horrified at the level of gunk that comes away.
If you have a faux leather (or real leather) or some other hard interior the buildup will simply start running away, just wipe with an absorbent cloth.
The reason for this is that the orange oil contained in Xtreme Clean reacts almost immediately with the nicotine and dissolves it, making the cleaning easy.

The same process can be used to get anything out of the interior roof of a vehicle. Some other common buildups and the needed dilution rate of Xtreme Clean are
Road Dust – 1:20 (1 part Xtreme Clean, 20 parts water)
Greasy marks – 1:5 (1 part Xtreme Clean, 5 parts water)
Oil Stains [useful if you were tinkering with the vehicle and forgot about your hands] – 1:5 (1 part Xtreme Clean, 5 parts water)
Chewing Gum – 1:5 (1 part Xtreme Clean, 5 parts water) Chewing Gum needs it’s own post, and once that is written I’ll link that up.

So there you have it, easy results from cleaning with Xtreme Clean.

If you have any questions about Xtreme Clean you can call us on 0800 366 292. You can buy Xtreme Clean at our online shop or you can order over the phone.