Clean your BBQ with Xtreme Clean

XClean xtreme clean 1 litre

BBQ cleaning is easy with Xtreme Clean

A quick primer on how to clean a BBQ effortless and easily with xtreme clean.

1) Move your BBQ into the sun. BBQs are often located at shady sides of houses, moving it, or turning it so that the sunlight is directly on it makes it easier. If you cannot easily turn/move the BBQ turn it on for a couple of minutes first.
2) Mix up your Xtreme Clean at a rate of 1:5. (One part Xtreme Clean to five parts water).
3) Spray the 1:5 mix of Xtreme Clean all over the BBQ.
4) Go and find a damp cloth or rag.
5) By the time you have found the rag you can wipe down the sides/top of the BBQ. All of the grease and fat will come off effortlessly.
6) Remove any warmer racks, spray them a second time with the 1:5 mix of Xtreme Clean

and hose them off with your hose. Place to one side to dry.
7) Use a stiff bristled brush to scrub the hot plate. Grease, gung, and blackness should fall away at your touch. It’s that easy
8) Hose off the hot plate.
9) Reassemble your BBQ.
10) Turn your BBQ on for about ten minutes. Xtreme Clean is harmless, however if you haven’t washed it off fully it will produce an interesting smell when cooked off. Not the best when you’ve already applied the sausages to the BBQ. To avoid that from happening head the BBQ up now.
11) Return BBQ to side of house, and put your feet up.

There you go, one clean BBQ, taking only a modicrum of effort to achieve. Put your feet up and feel awesome.