Clean your Screen with Xtreme Clean

Make cleaning your screen easy

Computer screens are fantastic. They look fantastic. And then one day you realise they are full of fly spots, smudges (and in case of a touch screen and/or kids) finger marks.

Cleaning these is a breeze with XtremeClean. Simply get a trigger sprayer at a 1:20 dilution (that is one part Xtreme Clean to twenty parts water). Spray a good quality cloth (or at a pinch paper towel) with a fine mist of Xtreme Clean. Then use the cloth to wipe the screen.

The trick is not to have too much Xtreme Clean on the cloth. If the cloth streaks Xtreme Clean you have too much on there. And if Xtreme Clean starts running out of the cloth down your monitor you have way too much Xtreme Clean. If either of these happen, use an absorbent paper towel to quickly remove the excess Xtreme Clean.

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