Cleaning Fly Spots with Xtreme Clean

You can clean away fly spots with Xtreme Clean

Flyspots are the bane of many people. They are brown, yucky, and by the time you notice them there are absolutely heaps of them. Plus they wind up on the ceiling. And stick there.

With Xtreme Clean you can easily clean away these flyspots, but there are some tricks

Flyspots on surfaces you can reach
Flyspots on surfaces you can reach are the easiest to clean. Simply dilute your Xtreme Clean to a 1:20 dilution (1 part Xtreme Clean to to 20 parts water). Spray the area (with one of our trigger sprayers) and leave for a few seconds. Then wipe the area with a sponge or damp cloth. The fly spots will come right off.

Yes that was easy.

Fly spots on the Roof

Now we come to fly spots on the roof. Nobody wants to get up on a step ladder and scrub the ceiling, it’s difficult, long, and nobody got time for that.

If you ceiling is still relatively clean you have an easy option. Make up a mix of of Xtreme Clean in a bucket. Some customers have said a 1:20 mix of Xtreme Clean works well, others say that the Xtreme Clean needs to be slightly stronger and suggest a 1:15 mix.
Once you have this mix made up, standing on the floor, get a long handled mop, ideally one of those ones with a squeegee sponge on the end. Use the mop to mop the ceiling with Xtreme Clean. The fly spots should come away easily.

This assumes that you have a smooth ceiling. If you have a textured ceiling you are really out of luck and will have to get up there with Xtreme Clean and a soft bush

If the ceiling of your dairy shed vat room is covered in fly spots
Ceilings in dairy sheds attract a lot of flies, often you can barely see the roof for the fly spots, but need to clean it before the shed inspector comes. In this case spray the ceiling with a 1:5 mix of Xtreme Clean. Make it up in your knapsac. (in a 15L knapsac you will need 2.5L of Xtreme Clean) Spray the ceiling. Then get your log handled stiff bristled brush and agitate the ceiling. Finally get a bucket of water (just water) and mop the ceiling clean.

There you have it, Xtreme Clean makes cleaning the fly spots easy.