Cleaning up P residue with Xtreme Clean

XClean Xtreme Clean 5L

Today’s blog post is on something a little different, something that whilst uncommon is still too common, cleaning up methamphetamine residue from a house. Meth residue comes in two types, the first comes from the production of methamphetamine on the property, and in these cases the chemicals have often penetrated furnishings beyond repair.  The second type of P residue comes from consumption on the property and this leaves residue on walls, windows, drapes, and the like.

Three years ago I had a call from a client who wanted some Xtreme Clean with a plan to using it for cleaning off methamphetamine  residue of the second type.  I said that I had never heard of it being used for that, and my knowledge of the drug was exceptionally sketchy but I was more than happy to sell him a quantity.

I called him back a few weeks later and he said that the Xtreme Clean had cleaned up the P residue spectacularly and saved him a whole lot of effort.

After hearing this I did a little bit of research on methamphetamine residue and determined that the residue required a solvent to clear up, and that the orange peel extract in Xtreme Clean would be an exceptional solvent for this.

I wasn’t able (and still don’t know) if there is a professionally approved list of products for cleaning up P residue. But I do know that since that customer I have had a number of clients call asking if Xtreme Clean will remove the residue. I even get hits to my website for cleaning up after methamphetamine.

So if you have a property that needs cleaning up after P consumption, grab some of New Zealand’s best citrus cleaner today