Commerce Commission finds some products ‘no better than water’

XClean Xtreme Clean 5L

Yesterday the Commerce Commission found that some laundry detergents were no more effective than water when used by washing machines. This came a shock to a number of New Zealanders.

One reason for this is a lot of cleaners and detergents in New Zealand are 99% water. So the fact that a number of cleaners performed close to (and under) water isn’t surprising. Against this it is no surprise that we bang on that we provide Xtreme Clean in a concentrate form. You add as much or as little water as you want, and that is why you will always be able to get Xtreme Clean in the right strength for the job at hand. In Xtreme Clean we pack as much D’limonene into the product as possible, meaning Xtreme Clean is New Zealand’s strongest citrus cleaner.

Xtreme Clean can also be used as a prespray for dirty clothes and it is heaps better than water. Simply get a bottle of Xtreme Clean at 1:5 (one part water to five parts Xtreme Clean) and give the dirty parts of the clothes a good spray and then pop them in the washing machine. It doesn’t matter if they are grass stains, blood, or grease (or even if you don’t know what they are) Xtreme Clean will work with your washing machine to move that mark and leave your laundry looking good as new. Xtreme Clean cannot damage your clothes (or any fabric) and this is one of the reasons why it is New Zealands best citrus based cleaner.