Contactless Dispensers for Hand Sanitiser now in stock

X-Clean contactless hand sanitiser dispenser

One of the questions we frequently got asked was how often to sanitiser the contact part of X-Cleans Anti Viral & Anti Bacterials Surface & Hand Sanitiser (The contact part being the part that comes into contact with the user when using it). It’s a good question because if you are using your non sanitised hands to touch the hand sanitiser dispenser, the dispenser itself comes a risky point of transfer. As lots of people use it, touching one is a bit like shaking hands with a couple of hundred people (none of whom have sanitized their hands yet). All that is needed is for someone to fail to apply sanitiser to their hands properly whilst using the machine and there is a HUGE issue.

We went to work on this problem, and after many hours of prototyping and working we have a solution: Contactless dispensers. We have two contactless dispensers for our hand sanitiser. A freestanding (benchtop) option, and a wall mounted option.

Both operate off 3 x AAA batteries, with each set of batteries being good for 3,000 uses. This means there is no need to run extension cords or locate them next to electrical sockets.

They are pure contactless once loaded. When the unit detects hands being placed underneath it, the right amount of sanitizer is dispensed for a set of hands. No touching of the unit is required.

They are specifically designed to work with X-Cleans Anti Viral & Anti Bacterials Surface & Hand Sanitiser and do not drip or leak the product. Clients have said using our non-sting formulae means that customers and users appreciate sanitising instead of grimacing when doing so, leading to significantly increased compliance with the sanitising regime.

And with these non contact dispensers, even with increased usage, the dispenser will not be a potential point of infection.

Wall Mounted Unit
X-Clean contactless hand sanitiser dispenser
Benchtop Unit