Crummy Weather and XClean Sure Thing

XClean Sure Thing 20L

With this crummy weather of continual rain inter spaced with thunderstorms it seems appropriate to remind everyone that XClean Sure Thing needs to be put on and remain on the surface for at least 6 hours, and at least 12 hours is better. XClean Sure Thing also works best when applied to a dry surface. So really you want three days of sunshine, the first to dry the area, the second to do the spraying, and the third to stay dry so that you don’t waste your hard work.

Three days like that get rarer in winter. It is one of the reasons why Spring and Autumn provide better opportunities for the application of XClean Sure Thing

We sell a lot of XClean Sure Thing in the spring. One reason is that all the growth takes off in winter, but the other is is that the weather supports its application much more than the continual rain of winter does.