Dangerous Goods & Doo Away Transport

Corrosive 8 Symbol

I have written before about how to transport Doo Away.  I wanted to write about some of the legal implications of transporting Doo Away.  Usually Doo Away is in use as an agricultural chemical (although it has other uses).  As such there are rules for its transport, and LTSA have a fact sheet out about dangerous goods for agricultural use.  A number of the legal rules are common sense:

You must carry the Doo Away in a labeled containers.  Our labels fulfil the requirements for Dangerous Goods.  If you aren’t carrying the Doo Away in its original container, take the label off the original container and affix it to the container you are carrying it in.

You must keep the load secure (as I mentioned in my post about transporting Doo Away).  LTSA say you should carry a dangerous goods response guide with every Dangerous Goods load.  They will sell you a sample guide for $81 here.

Doo Away is in packing group II of corrosives.  According to the current LTSA guidelines if you carry over 50L of it you will need dangerous good signage on your vehicle.  You will also need to carry copies of the material safety datasheets with you when carrying over 50L.  (You do not need signage or datasheets for carrying 50L or less).  The material safety data sheets for Doo Away can be found here.

You should also not carry Doo Away with any food, or any food containers.  It is unclear if foodstuffs for farm animals would qualify as food or not.

The takeaway point is to avoid the legal paperwork and signage you should carry 50L or under of Doo Away at any one time.