Doo Away and Effluent Ponds

Healthy Efffluent Pond

Effluent ponds are fantastic.  They are a great system to process the effluent from a yard and shed.  It’s common knowledge that ideally an effluent pond should be clear and crustfree.  A crusty pond contains elevated levels of methane and nitric oxide and is less optimal (and much more smellier) when used as fertilizer.

A number of shed cleaners kill the bugs you want in an effluent pond. I’ve spoken with some farmers who get a crust starting to form within forty eight hours of cleaning the dairy shed.  The reason is that most shed cleaners contain sodium hypochlorite, which kills the bacteria you want in an effluent pond. Without these bacteria the crust is quick to form.

The Doo Away hard surface cleaner does not kill these bugs, resulting in a cleaner healthier pond.  The fact that it is better for your effluent pond is another reason why it is New Zealand’s premier hard surface cleaner.

For completeness sake Sure Thing and Xtreme Clean don’t affect the health of an effluent pond either. But the process of cleaning a dairy shed doesn’t usually see quantities of these cleaners flushed out into the effluent pond.

Healthy Efffluent Pond
Healthy Effluent Pond – Noe the reflection in the far end.

Crusty Effluent Pond

Crusty pond.


Stirring a pond doesn’t change the health of the bacteria. Whilst it breaks up the crust temporarily, it will reform.  If you have a crust talk with a specalist about getting your pond back into sync, and consider cleaning your shed with Doo Away.