Doo Away and Safety

X-Clean Doo Away 20 Litre Size

I’ve written before about the need to be safe with Doo Away. There is a reason why I stress safety when talking with customers, and why we have our Safety Data Sheets for Doo Away online, and why we always cover a safety briefing when talking to new customers.

Doo Away is a wonderful cleaner, and it works really really well, but it is still a chemical, and still dangerous.

This point was repeated by worksafe recently

“In 2017 in efforts to manage an outbreak of Mycloplasma bovis, MPI contracted biosecurity company AsureQuality who in turn engaged OneStaff to provide temporary workers to assist with cleaning and disinfecting work.

In May 2018 a group of staff were cleaning a farm in Invercargill, using a sodium hydroxide-based cleaner called X-Clean DOO AWAY, which had in April been approved by MPI as a cleaning product generally. The workers were given personal protective equipment, including gloves. However the chemicals seeped into the cuffs of the workers gloves and as a result eight workers sustained burns to hands, wrists, and arms.

A WorkSafe investigation into the incident found MPI failed to adequately consult, co-operate and co-ordinate with the other parties to ensure work was being carried out safely. Additionally MPI failed to ensure a safe system of work for the OneStaff workers.”

It’s a very sad case, as nobody should get burns of any kind at work. Sadly the company in question did not give the correct application instructions for Doo Away to the workers, leading to an incorrect method of application, which in turn had consequences for the staff. I understand, from phone calls I have had about this, the staff were using a hand brush which they were dipping in the doo away and then brushing the wall with it. When Doo Away should be applied with a sprayer, either a knapsac or a pump up sprayer (and if using a knapsac we recommend wearing your milking apron backwards so it is between you and the Doo Away) as per our demonstration video

For this sort of reason we have always welcomed calls to 0800 366 292 from any user who is about to use Doo Away (or any of our range) and who has any questions. The X-Clean staff are constantly mentioning this, and if you are going to get staff to use Doo Away we are more than happy (if we have a staff member in the area) to come out and take the staff through the best practice for using it.

In conclusion Doo Away is an effective dairy shed cleaner that has been approved by MPI for use around the country, and the X-Clean team has years of experience in teaching customers how to use it safely.