Doo Away and Vehicle clear coats

XClean Doo Away 5L

After writing the previous story about the dangers of transporting Doo Away I wanted to link to a story I thought I had written, but I couldn’t that story anywhere on the blog.

One Sunday afternoon, many years ago, I was cleaning my work vehicle.  I’d removed everything from the vehicle and was vacuuming it.  I turned around to see my four year old had snuck out to join me.  He’d found my Doo Away demonstration sprayer (made up with a mix of Doo Away at a 1:5 mix) and had begun spraying the car.  Being aware that Doo Away takes several minutes to burn skin I grabbed my son raced inside and threw him in the shower.

I kept him in the shower and called for his mother, explained the situation, said to keep him in the shower for fifteen minutes and I was going to go out and clean the Doo Away off the car.  By the time I got there it was too late.  The Doo Away had eaten through the clear coat (not the paint itself) and I was left with a lovely speckled look around the rear tyre.

Do don’t clean your vehicle with Doo Away.  Clean your cowshed with Doo Away, it’s what Doo Away is designed for.