Frequently Asked Questions About Doo Away

Is Doo Away certified for use in Dairy Sheds?

Absolutely. XClean Doo Away is certified by the Ministry for Primary Industries for use and storage in Dairy Sheds. A copy of this certification can be found on our website.

What other certifications does Doo Away have?

XClean Doo Away has a C31 approval by the Ministry of Primary Industries. A copy of this certification can be found on our website.  XClean Doo Away is also certified by Global Profficency for a wide range of uses.  A copy of this certification can be found on our website.

I have a shed inspection can I get Doo Away urgently?

Probably, we move heaven and earth to get you Doo Away in time for shed inspections. If you need some urgently call us on 0800 366 292 immediately.

Will Doo Away really work?

It absolutely will. We are so confident that you will love it that we have a 30 day money back guarantee on it. We have this guarantee on all our products and Doo Away is no exception. You should try some today and be ready to be amazed.

I have fleck paint / sealed concrete / anti cow muck sealant - can I still use Doo Away?

Almost certainly. We have yet to find a cow shed paint /sealant that won’t work with Doo Away. Provided you dilute Doo Away and leave it on for the appropriate time your investment will be well cared for. If you want to have a specific discussion as you believe your paint /sealant is unique call us on 0800 366 292

Will Doo Away damage my knapsack?

Doo Away is a corrosive chemical. If you leave it in your knapsack it will eat the seals. After spraying Doo Away we recommend flushing your knapsack out with water and a small dose of acid. This will ensure your seals do not deteriorate.

Can I premix Doo Away?

You certainly can.  We have a detailed blog post describing how best to premix Doo Away. Doo Away is able to be premixed, and will not deteriorate with age once premixed. When premixing we suggest adding the water to the container first, and then the Doo Away otherwise the Doo Away can froth more than you expect and making the process take longer than it should.

Can I clean my vehicles with Doo Away?

Doo Away can easily eat clearcoat and in some cases vehicle paint itself. Please don’t take the risk, purchase some Xtreme Clean instead.
To give an example of how easy it is, John (the current owner of XClean) was preparing his work vehicle one day. His son grabbed the demo container and sprayed the air around the work vehicle with it. Aware of how easily Doo Away burns skin John grabbed his son, lugged him inside, and threw him into the shower. He ran the shower for ten minutes, then got his son out. Thankfully there was no redness or any sign of damage from Doo Away.
John went straight back out to the car but it was too late, the Doo Away mist had settled on a corner of the vehicle and eaten out the clearcoat in a lovely speckled fashion on the corner of the 4×4. Ten more minutes and the paint work would have been eaten.
Just don’t take the risk.

What do I do if I've gotten Doo Away on myself?

Why are you reading this website? Wash it off quickly with a lot of water. Immediately. When you get Doo Away on yourself you have several minutes in which you can wash it off without chemical burning. So get water on it quickly. If you fail to do this there will be chemical burning and we would recommend seeing a doctor promptly.

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