Doo Away & (non) Deterioration

Doo Away XClean 20L XClean

Doo Away is New Zealand’s premier hard surface cleaner. (In fact 20L of Doo Away is our best selling item).

One question that gets asked frequently is “Does Doo Away go off with age?”

The reason for this question is that a large number of hard surface cleaners (and almost all cow shed cleaners) contain sodium hypo chloride. The household name for this is bleach, and the other common name is chlorine. Sodium hypo chloride deteriorates with age. One interesting thing about deterioration is that the more hypo chloride there is in the solution the quicker it decays. Also for every 10 degree increase in temperature the sodium hypo chloride will decay 3.5 times as fast. This deterioration happens even if the container is shut, and even if the container is unopened.

Doo Away does not contain sodium hypo chloride. Doo Away has a sodium hydroxcide base. Sodium Hydroxcide is stable and cannot deteriorate with age, or deteriorate on contact with the air, or deteriorate in the heat.

The only way you can make your Doo Away loose strength is to open the lid of the contaier, sit it out in the sun, and watch it evaporate away.