Doo Away & Skin Care

XClean Doo Away 5L

In our last post on premixing Doo Away we said to be careful when pouring Doo Away. Doo Away is a class 8 (corrosive) dangerous good. We don’t hide this fact, Doo Away’s dangerous good status is marked on it’s safety data sheet.

Doo Away is highly basic (it has a PH level of 14). One feature of bases is that they sink into, and through the surface whilst beginning to act. This is why Doo Away works so well on cleaning cow sheds. The Doo Away soaks through the cow crap, and eats it from the bottom out.
When you get Doo Away on your skin the same thing happens. The Doo Away soaks through and starts to act. Thus by the time your skin is sore it is too late, the Doo Away is working.

Whilst the Doo Away is soaking through it doesn’t seem to feel too bad, just a light stinging sensation. This is why Doo Away is so dangerous, most people ignore this feeling and think ‘she’ll be right.’. The reality is that the pain gets worse as the Doo Away goes to work, and the result is very painful.

The good news is that you have a few minutes of time between the Doo Away landing on your skin and the burning sensation. So if you ever get Doo Away on yourself wash it off immediately. Don’t pause, wait, or expect it to be okay. Flush the area with water immediately. If you don’t the Doo Away will leave a nasty burn.

As precautions we recommend wearing gloves and eye goggles when using Doo Away. Safety comes first.