NZ’s Premier Hard Surface CleanerXClean Doo Away 20L

XClean’s Doo Away is a Concentrated Hard Surface. It is the best cleaner for hard surfaces on the New Zealand market.

Doo Away is a spray on, hose off cleaner. Simply spray the Doo Away on, leave for a short period of time, then hose off. All of the cow muck, green slime, milk protein, and general gunge will just vanish. It’s that easy! Every year we have customers tell us they didn’t think it could be that easy, but after using it they’re convinced it is the best dairy shed cleaner.

Doo Away is NOT a hypochloride product like hard surface shed cleaners but is alkaline based. This means that it does not smell of bleach, does not kill your lungs with heavy odours, and does not deteriorate with age. It means that it will be the same strength the day you open it, to the day you use the last drop. It can be easily stored at a dairy shed and cannot loose its effectiveness.

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