Easily remove those cracks in your hands with Power Grit

New Zealand has some extreme temperatures, and working in those temperatures can do things to your hands. Skin roughens. Hands crack. Sections tighten.

Most handcleaners are full of petroleum and a number have alkalies. These are in there in order to make the handcleaner more effective on grease and dirt. But they are rough on hands and make the hands drier and exasperate the cracks.

Power Grit cleans with the same power of citrus that Xtreme Clean does. This means it doesn’t dry out or damage the skin in the same way as other handcleaners. It is also chock full of lanolin, which softens and helps restore damaged skin.

When I was down in the south island recently I met a number of customers who swore by Power Grit, saying after using it for two weeks it had healed the cracks in their hands, and after two months it had made their hands feel 20 years younger. And after shaking their hands I certainly believed it. They said all they did was to use it three times a day and it just worked magic.

So if you want to save your hands try Power Grit today