Exterior Boat Cleaning with Xtreme Clean

5 Litre Bottle of XClean Xtreme Clean

Swish that salt build up away

Boats are fantastic things. However as you use yours you will notice the outside of your boat slowly changes. It accumulates a grimy coat (ranging in colour from clear, to white, to slightly brown) that just doesn’t feel right. Xtreme Clean will help with this. The buildup is a combination of salt, moisture, and (frequently) bacteria. Often it can be very hard to get rid of, but with Xtreme Cleanit is easy
Just spray the underside of the boat with a 1:20 mix of Xtreme Clean (This is 1 part Xtreme Clean to 20 parts of water). The easiest way to do this is to make up your Xtreme Clean mix in a garden spray unit, or knapsac sprayer. (Remember Xtreme Clean cannot damage your spray unit in any way). If you have a 6-9L pump up sprayer the easiest way to do this is to add 5 litres of water to the sprayer and then add one cup (250ml) of Xtreme Clean. Add the water first, else you will have a large quantity of foam from the frothing of adding the water after the Xtreme Clean. In a knapsac 5L of water with one cup of Xtreme Clean should give you heaps of spray. (If you doubt this have 10L of water with 2 cups of Xtreme Clean)

Spray the exterior of your boat with your Xtreme Clean mix. Give it a good heavy spray so that the Xtreme Clean mix is running down the side of the boat. Leave the boat for about five minutes. At the end of these five minutes you should be able to touch the surface of the boat and the build up will peel away onto your fingers. You can then hose the boat down with a high pressure hose and all the buildup with vanish. If you don’t have a high pressure hose give the boat a quick and light scrub with a broom, and then use your garden hose to rinse everything off.
Xtreme Clean is non corrosive and cannot damage your paintwork, or anything else you will have on the exterior of your boat.

Job done.

You can grab some Xtreme Clean here.