Frequently Asked Questions About Power Grit

How do I use Power Grit?
It’s hand cleaner. You stick the container by your sink, or your basin, and you rinse your hands, bang the pump, rub the yellow Power Grit over your hands and rinse off. Then you smell your hands because the smell is amazing. It’s not rocket science.
What is in Power Grit?
The oil from oranges (because as it does in Xtreme Clean that stuff cleans all sorts of things amazingly), gritty pumice (to aid in the scrubbing), and lots of lanolin so your hands stay soft and don’t dry out.
Does Power Grit contain microbeads?
Absolutely not.  Power Grit contains no microbeads, nor plastic beads of any kind.  The abrasive in it is 100% natural pumice.
Why is this FAQ so short?
It’s hand cleaner, and nobody asks us questions about it. You can help.
If you have other questions call us on 0800 366 292. They might get added to this page and then the FAQ would be longer.
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