X-Clean is on the hunt for franchisees

Own a business where you focus on sales and not paperwork

Own a business where your hard work rewards YOU and not someone else

It’s the X-Clean brand’s mission to provide the best quality cleaning consumables to the New Zealand market. We made an active decision not to compete on price. Other companies operate on wafer thin margins, where one rise in freight charges puts the company into the red. Others search around for cheaper additives and wonder why their custom base has a ginormous turnover. Other run promotions to sell items at a loss, hoping that reorders will pick this up later. With X-Clean there is none of that, it is the sale of high quality items, that sell so spectacularly well they generate an excellent turnover, and an astounding bottom line.


Unlike some franchises that try to force prospects into tiny areas, there are only twelve X-Clean Franhise areas. Our franchise areas are massive. There is more than enough work both for you, and more than enough work for you to employ a team to assist in proving X-Clean products. Each territory is exclusive, and you will receive all enquires, web orders, and email enquires that come through.

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