Frequently Asked Questions - Guano be Gone

How does Guano-Be-Gone work?
Guano-Be-Gone works by producing an irritant that birds find noxious. On top of this collection of natural irritants we add a strong bubble gum smell so that birds associate the smell with the irritant and avoid the area. Without this smell it takes much longer for the birds to realise what is causing the irritant and thus they would stay in the area longer, and we don’t want that.
How to I ensure Guano-Be-Gone is effective?
The best way to ensure this is to spray lots. Spray the whole shed, the whole pad, or the whole deck. Don’t just spray the area the birds are. You want to get lots of irritant in the area for it to work best. Also give the area a good spray, heavier than you would spray weed killer.
How soon will the birds be gone?
If there is food within the area it can take up to 3 weeks, but most birds leave the area within 1-2 days.
Can I use it in my milking shed?
Yes, AssureQuality have advised it can be used in a dairy shed or factory setting provided care is taken to it doesn’t come into contact with the food/milk being produced. It should however be stored with general agri-chemicals.
What areas do I need to spray?
All of the area. If you have problems in a shed spray the whole shed, walls, floor, rafters. Even if it is a dirt or concrete floor it will hold Guano-Be-Gone remarkably well and more birds will stay away for longer than if you did not spray the floor.
How often do I need to spray?
This depends on the surface. For outdoor surfaces every 3 weeks. For areas with 1-3 walls every 4-6 weeks. For entirely enclosed areas 8-12 weeks.
Will the rain wash it away?
No, rain often reactivates the product making it smellier and more irritating to the birds. It is the wind that blows the product away.
Will I smell anything?
Yes, for the first few days. It smells like bubblegum, or licourish, or children’s medicine depending on who you ask. The smell fades out of human noticeability in a few days, but remains smell able for birds for several weeks.
How will it affect my cows/dogs/cats/other animals?
It cannot. It is completely fine to use in areas where other animals are.
How do I know it works?
We are so confident all our products work they all come with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Where did you come up with the idea?
The idea is used extensively in China and the USA to keep birds off runways, we took that formulation and modified it for New Zealand conditions.
Where is it made?
Guano be Gone is manufactured in the South Island of NZ.
What birds does it work with?
Almost all of them. Pidgeons, minors, sparrows, starlings, fantails, and more. It’s easier to see below for what birds it doesn’t work with.
What birds doesn’t it work with?
Chickens, ducks, and pukekohes. (none have a sense of smell). We have had mixed feedback about blackbirds, with some customers reporting it doesn’t work on these.