How Does Guano-Be-Gone Keep Away Birds Away

Guano-Be-Gone is an excellent option for keeping birds away. It is New Zealand’s only anti-bird spray. So why is Guano-Be-Gone so effective?

Birds smell along a different spectrum to humans. Whilst Guano-Be-Gone smells to humans a bit like liquorish (some clients have said it smells like child’s medicine) it smells absolutely horrific to birds. A comparable smell for humans would be if someone takes a lot of chili powder and dumps it in a pan of hot oil. The smell is sharp, horrific, and you feel like you have difficulty breathing, despite there being plenty of oxygen. Guano-Be-Gone has the same effect on birds. Birds simply learn that the area is going to keep smelling horrific, and they avoid the area.  

This leads to two points that are needed to apply Guano-Be-Gone effectively.

The first is that birds can take a while to learn that the smell of Guano-Be-Gone is not going to go away. This is especially true if the birds have nested in the area, or if they have sourced food in the area. In these cases it can take up to 6 weeks for birds to learn the smell is not going way. As the smell of Guano-Be-Gone lasts 3-4 weeks in most environments this means you may need to apply Guano-Be-Gone a second time before it is fully effective. Whilst some clients have noticed an amazing effect a day after spraying Guano-Be-Gone this is not always the case.  

The second point is that in order for the birds to smell Guano-Be-Gone the area needs to be sprayed well. Smell has an exponential relationship to area covered. If you have a bunch of flowers you smell them by putting your nose up to them. But if you scatter the flowers around a room the house smells lovely. You cannot just spray the one pipe the birds sit on. You need to spray the pipe and the surrounding area, otherwise the smell will not permeate the area. We recommend spraying the entire roof, or the entire set of rafters to cover the entire area.  

You can purchase Guano-Be-Gone here, and if you have any questions you can get them answered by calling 0800 366 292