XClean Sure Thing 20LXClean Sure Thing produces fantastic results but it is essential that it is applied correctly. The instructions are not difficult but they need to be followed.

It is imperative that Sure Thing get to stay on the surface for at least six hours before there is any further moisture applied to the surface. Longer than six hours is even better. This means the forecast for the day (and following night) should be fine. If you apply Sure Thing and it rains later that day you have wasted your time (and money).
In a dairy shed apply Sure Thing shortly following a milking session. We recommend after the morning milk having breakfast and then applying Sure Thing.

Then the following steps need to happen
1) Dilute Sure Thing with water in a spray applicator.
For most moss, mold, lichen, and algae growths you want to use 1 part Sure Thing to 5 parts water.
For aggressive dark green growths use 1 part Sure Thing to 4 parts water.
In a dairy shed that is damp or wet use 1 part Sure Thing to 3 parts water.
Protip – Sure Thing has a tendency to foam, add the water first to your spray unit and the Sure Thing second. This avoids unnecessary foaming.

2) Give the area a good spray with Sure Thing.
You need to give the area a good spray. You want to spray until point of run off. You want to cover every area of the growth. On concrete you want to keep spraying until the entire surface looks soaked and water is no longer soaking into the concrete. Don’t skimp and give the area a gentle mist, get in there and really soak the area down.

3) Leave the area
Leave the Sure Thing to work it’s magic. Do not rinse the Sure Thing off. Be aware that the Sure Thing will take several days (or longer) to work. Most growths will come off after a couple of doses of good rain. Or in the case of a dairy shed one day after hosing down.
Lichen is the exception. It is a stubborn resilient growth that won’t admit that it is dead. Expect Lichen to remove itself around 4-6 months after application.

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