Make cleaning burnt pots a breeze with Xtreme Clean

5L XClean Xtreme Clean

It really is very easy

If you have burnt something whilst cooking and it’s not coming off the pot (or pan) there is a solution with Xtreme Clean.
Simply pour a quantity of Xtreme Clean into the pot. Using the Xtreme Clean straight works best, but you only need just enough to cover the burnt area.

Leave the pot/pan/dish overnight. Come morning it should peel off easily with warm water.

Why does this work? Hard burnt food sticking is usually the result of overcooked fat and oil which sticks to surfaces incredibly well. The Xtreme Clean breaks down the fat and oil, meaning that what remains comes away smoothly.

The process works very well for overcooked soups & chilis, burnt cheese sauces and custards, and the black bits that appears in frypans after frying meat.

Xtreme Clean cannot damage your pots or pans, it will simply make cleaning them a breeze.

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