My error in transporting Doo Away

Doo Away XClean 20L XClean

I wrote a few days ago about how to transport Doo Away.  Many many years ago when I was just starting to sell Doo Away I didn’t follow this advice. I carried a container of premixed Doo Away (at a 1:5 ratio) (yes you can premix Doo Away) that had been previously opened in the back of my sedan.  I though the lid was on tight.  It was on the floor of the backseat and I didn’t think much of it.  When I got home I went to take the container of Doo Away out I noticed it had leaked.  The cap had not been put on correctly.  By my guestimate about half a litre of Doo Away mix had leaked out.  This was not the concentrate, but a watered down mix.

I immediately cleaned my hands, got rubber gloves on and went back to the car.  I removed the floormats only to have them disintegrate in my hands.  The Doo Away had eaten out the rubber and glue at the base of the mats.  Thankfully not much had soaked through to fabric below.  I applied a copious amount of water to dilute the Doo Away to the area but the mats were unsalvageable.  It had only been an hour since I last had put the container of Doo Away in the vehicle.  A reminder that whilst Doo Away is an excellent cow shed cleaner, it is a dangerous substance.