Owner of X-Clean writes his own blurb!

Here is what John Whyte, the owner of X-Clean has to say about himself: “Clients know me as a cheerful guy with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. I’m here to make everyone’s cleaning easier. That’s been my approach since the beginning when I spoke with my first prospective customers, and this couple are still using Xtreme Clean today. At X-Clean, we prefer the personal touch, which is why your queries won’t end up lost in a call centre. When you call 0800 366 292, you’ll get my happy voice on the phone, and I’m always ready to offer sound and practical advice on your cleaning problems. In 15 years, I’ve tackled every stain under the Sun, from everyday household marks to commercial grime, all the way up to specialist jobs like removing fertilizer residue from helicopter windscreens – and more. Whatever your cleaning headache, it’s likely I’ve seen it before. Every X-Clean product solves specific problems, and I’m always happy to supply answers and recommend strategies. In the past, easy cleaning meant blitzing the grime with any available chemical cocktail. What X-Clean shows is how cleaning your home or business doesn’t have to harm the planet.”
John Whyte - Owner X-Clean