Premixing Doo Away

Doo Away XClean 20L XClean

Doo Away is NZ’s premier hard surface cleaner. We’ve talked before about how Doo Away cannot deteriorate with age.

This means that you can premix Doo Away without any adverse effect. There are two main reasons why you would want to premix Doo Away instead of mixing it up when you go to use it.
1) If you premix the Doo Away, once you have finished spraying you can pour the surplus Doo Away from your sprayer back into the premixed solution. This reduces waste.
2) Premixing Doo Away prevents errors that can occur when Doo Away is mixed up in 15L or 10L knapsacks. Contrary to intuition, a 1:5 Dilution of Doo Away in a 15L knapsack has two and a half litres of Doo Away (not 3). Premixing prevents this error from occurring.

When would you not want to premix Doo Away? When you are expecting to use it at a variety of different rates from 1:3 through to 1:10. You cannot strengthen your Doo Away again once it is premixed.

There is a trick to premixing Doo Away. Get yourself an empty 200L plastic drum. Then add the water first. If you want your Doo Away mixed to a 1:5 ratio, half fill the drum up with water (100L). If you want a 1:3 ratio add 60 Litres of water (fill up an old 20L container three times emptying it into the 200L drum. If you want a 1:10 mix of Doo Away you will either need a bigger drum, or cheat slightly and accept a slightly stronger dilution, fill the 200L drum up with water, then remove 30 Litres of water.

Once the water is in the 200L drum add the Doo Away. Wear gloves whilst doing this. Add the Doo Away in a smooth and consistent manner to prevent frothing of the mix. If you are too vigorous even at a 1:5 dilution the froth will over foam the barrel. If this happens close both the Doo Away container and the 200L drum and come back in half an hour.

Once the Doo Away and water are added you want to mix. The easiest way is to get a long plastic pole and stir the drum. This is why at a 1:10 dilution you wanted to remove 30L from the barrel, as you stir the mix it will froth slightly and if you prefill the barrel to the top it will overfill and froth.

Overtime the Doo Away will separate slightly from the water in the mix. It is recommended you give the drum a gentle stir every 6-8 weeks to prevent the Doo Away from settling on the bottom.

There you have it, tips to premix Doo Away.