Save over $800 Dollars with Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean can save you hundreds of dollars! It’s true! And it is so simple how.

Everybody uses Spray’n’wipe. Most people buy it from the supermarket where it costs $4-$6 per 500ml (currently $3.79 on a special, $5.00 at normal pricing, $5.70 from officemax)

Universally the trigger craps out mid use and you go from spraying to a very sad drizzle. (this is because in an effort to keep prices down the cheapest triggers are used). The other large cost is filling the containers (mostly with water) and then shipping the (mostly water) around the country.

With 5 Litres of Xtreme Clean, we give you actual active ingredient, and let you add your own water to our high quality sprayers (these sprayers will last and last and last and outlast the product) and let you add your own water. 5 Litres of Xtreme Clean makes 105 Litres, or 210 sprayers of Spray’n’Wipe. Even better at this dilution it is stronger and more effective than anything you will buy at the supermarket. This is because Xtreme Clean is New Zealand’s best and strongest citrus based cleaner! We give you the real stuff, not cheap imitation.

The cost? A mere 83 cents per sprayer. So over the course of a 5 Litre container you are saving heaps! How much? Well at the normal price of $5 a container, $4.17 per refil! Or $875 over the course of the 5 Litre container!

And you can use Xtreme Clean for so much more! Xtreme Clean cleans everything! It really is a no brainer! Buy Xtreme Clean today and start saving!