Shield’s are simply amazing

Shed Shield and Surface Shield were born of a simple idea – what if a coating could be applied to an area to ensure that nothing would stick to that area.  

The original idea was to do with Dairy sheds and machinery. Whilst our Doo Away is an amazing cow shed cleaner, we are continually looking for ways to offer better options to our customers.  

Shields are for customers who don’t want to clean. They are an advanced nano-ceramic coating that is exceptionally hydrophobic.  What this means is that it is harder for dust, dirt, grime, and unwanted things to settle on the surface, and it means that none of them can actually adhere to the surface. The faintest trace of water (rain or a garden hose) will cause everything to slosh away.  

Surface Shield is an economically priced option. It has a fast curing time (2 coats, 2 hours each to cure). This means it can be applied in a fine afternoon.  It will eventually fade with repeated washing.  In a dairy environment it is lasting around 6 months (being hosed twice a day). It’s fast curing time means its ideal to apply to surfaces that get a large amount of use, and cannot be down and out for a long length of time.  Surface Shield comes in 500ml bottles making it 40% cheaper than Shed Shield for a comparable surface area.  

Shed Shield is much more permanent.  Applied correctly Shed Shield will grant the surface a ten year protective coating.  This is ideal for the walls of dairy sheds, and for high use machinery.  Shed shield has a longer curing time, it needs 2 coats at least 48 hours each to cure (for ten years you need a 96 hour curing time).  This means for a dairy shed environment it needs to be applied during dry off. 

To talk more about our Shield products and which one is right for you, call us on 0800 366 292