Frequently Asked Questions about Sure Thing

Will Sure Thing actually work?
It absolutely will. We wouldn’t have been selling it for over ten years if it didn’t work. You’d hope somebody would have stopped us doing that. So it does work. We are so confident that you will love it that we have a 30 day money back guarantee on it. We have this guarantee on all our products and Sure Thing is no exception. You should try some today and be ready to be amazed.  You can see an example photo of Sure Thing working on our blog.
What makes Sure Thing better than other moss & mold killers?
A number of moss and mold killers are sodium hypo-chloride (bleach) products. This means they reek of bleach. When applied to a porous surface (such as wood or concrete) they burn the top of the growth off but frequently leave the spore (root) system of the grown intact. This means that the growth isn’t really dead but instead comes back very quickly. It’s a bit like trying to kill a weed by taking scissors and cutting off the leaves. The week grows back. Uprooting the week keeps it away.
Sure Thing very strong biocide. It soaks down to the spore (root) system of the growth and kills it. Then much like a tree without roots, the entire system dies. It dies from the bottom up, and thus takes longer for the growth to disappear, but once gone it stays away until a new spore lands and regrows from scratch. For most surfaces this is 12-18 months.

Sure Thing  doesn’t smell like bleach, it is safe for children and pets to walk through a sprayed area, and it cannot destroy a sprayer or knapsac.

How does Sure Thing actually work?
Sure Thing is a an inert biocide. When it comes into contact with a growth such as moss and mold the growth starts to die. Once dead the growth will wash away, usually with a dose of heavy rain. In a dairy shed the growth will vanish one day after hosing the shed down.
How dangerous is Sure Thing?
Sure Thing is a concentrated chemical. It is very safe provided it is not ingested (drunk) in large quantities. It cannot damage your clothes or sprayer. It can in rare occasions be a skin irritant to certain people, and we recommend using gloves when applying it for this reason.
I have young kids / pets, do I need to cordon the area off after using Sure Thing?
You shouldn’t need to. Sure Thing will not burn skin. It can in rare occasions be a skin irritant so if your child or animal is prone to irritable skin you may want to consider cordoning off the area until it dries.
How long until Sure Thing works?
Moss should turn brown within 48 hours.
Green slime usually vanishes overnight.
Black mold on concrete usually comes away usually in the first dose of heavy rain after application.
Lichen takes several months to die. Lichen is stubborn, its the zombie of growths, it takes a while for it to realise it is dead.
It is important to note that each growth is different and the above are the usual timeframes.
Will Sure Thing damage my plants?
If you were to spray a concrete path with Sure Thing the grass/plants on either side will look tired the day after and then bounce back quickly. If you have prize plants or award winning roses we would recommend moving or covering them before Sure Thing is applied.
How much Sure Thing will I need?
This depends on the surface you are covering. A 5L container of Sure Thing will cover between 150m^2 and 250m^2 of area.
Concrete is at the lower end of this, 5L of sure thing will cover 150m^2 of area. Coloursteel roofs are at the higher end and 5L of Sure Thing covers 250m^2 of area.
A good rule of thumb is that 5L will do a usual home’s driveway & deck.
If you still need help give us a call on 0800 366 292 and we can help work out how much you will need.
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