Transporting Doo Away

Corrosive 8 Symbol

Doo Away is an excellent cow shed cleaner.  We have lots of information on Doo Away on our site.   What I wanted to write about today was how to transport Doo Away safely.  Doo Away is a class 8 corrosive.  I’ve cautioned before about how damaging Doo Away can be on skin.

Transporting Doo Away is a lot of common sense.  Doo Away is highly damaging and you want to avoid getting it on yourself or your vehicle, particularly in a crash situation.

So as often as possible you want to transport Doo Away in a separate part of the vehicle to any passengers.  Carry it on the back of your ute, not inside the cab.  In the boot of a sedan, not in the main body.

You want to think about the possible leakage points from the Doo Away container.  If you have tapped your Doo Away container the tap is the point most likely to leak.  Think twice before transporting a tapped container of Doo Away.  Those taps can easily snap off during transit leading to dreadful situations.  If you have to carry a tapped container transport it with the tap facing up, and ensure the container is properly secured with tie downs and is unable to move.

If you have opened your container of Doo Away, the lid is the point most likely to leak.  Ensure that the Doo Away container is carried in such a manner it cannot tip onto its side during transit.  One of the best ways to do this is to place the Doo Away in a plastic carry cube/box.  (Doo Away cannot corrode hard plastic so you want a plastic container).  Then use tie downs on/through the handles of the box to ensure it won’t tip during transit.

Also ensure that when you carry Doo Away you are not carrying items that could damage it at the same time.  Metal hooks, knives, and wooden stakes are all items that in an accident situation could pierce through the Doo Away container and cause it to leak.

The last point – Doo Away is very alkaline.  Do not transport it with an acid.  Do not carry it in the same vehicle as your shed acid.  Don’t carry it with a used car battery.  Don’t carry it with fertilizers designed to lower the ph of soil (aluminum sulfate/sulfur urea).

All this is using your brain, and being aware that it is in an accident situation the Doo Away is most likely to cause damage.