Using Xtreme Clean on Venetian Blinds

XClean Xtreme Clean 1Litre

5 easy steps to clean your blinds with Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean makes cleaning your Venetian blinds really easy. This is because New Zealand’s Strongest Citrus Cleaner cannot damage your blinds, but will move grease, and other buildups.

The steps for cleaning your Venetian blinds are
1) Take the blinds down, and lie them down flat, preferably on clean concrete outside.
2) Spray the blinds with a 1:20 mix of Xtreme Clean (That’s one part water to 20 parts Xtreme Clean)
3) Scrub the blinds lightly with a soft brush. One in a brush and shovel set is ideal (but make sure it is clean first)
4) Rise the blind off. If you are outside use a hose.
5) Hang the blinds out to dry, then rehang them inside.

Simple, easy, and with Xtreme Clean your blinds will become amazingly clean. You can buy Xtreme Clean at our shop