XClean Miraculous Mineral Mover Has Arrived!

XClean Miraculous Mineral Mover has arrived, and is ready for sale.  This product has been over two years in development and i is the answer to all of your iron, calcium, and other mineral buildups. This gel substance is designed to be applied to floors, walls, plastic, metal, and wood.  Simply apply the gel to the area, wait fifteen minutes and the surface can be wiped clean.  Its so fast, and so fantastic it is truly miraculous. No more iron stains. No more hard water residue.  

After spending eighteen months tinkering with ideas and formulas and samples we finally created one we were sure would work. We trialed it with some friends and were impressed. Then we took our sample container to a client’s dairy farm and when it exceeded our expectations there we got to work creating a batch of 400 litres.  All of this first batch was presold based entirely off the clean patch in that dairy shed. The results spoke for themselves so much we had customers ringing us wanting the product before it had even reached the market.

Our second batch was larger and that presold in a blink. Now we have done a third even bigger batch, and we have the product in stock. How long will it last? With a product like this it is hard to know, so order your Miraculous Mineral Mover today.

20 Litres of XClean Miraculous Mineral Mover will clear buildup from approximately 160 square meters of area.