XClean XClean Power Grit 5LPower Grit is X-Clean’s hand cleaner (hand soap). Power Grit has the distinction of being our most sort after product.
When people run out of Doo Away they just leave it assuming we’ll be in touch soon enough (and we often are). Or they will call the day before the shed inspection needing some more Doo Away urgently.
If people are getting low on Power Grit they call. If you love Power Grit you don’t want to go back to any other hand cleaner, even if it is only for a day.

Power Grit is a lemony pumice hand cleaner. It is formulated to remove tough grease and cow muck from hands with ease. It tastes so good it’s tempting to eat it. Whilst we don’t think this would cause any indigestion issues no customer has actually tried to do so and reported back to us.

Basically, it’s a premium hand cleaner you buy because you love your hands and want them clean without being chapped or dry. If you love your hands, use Power Grit.

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