XClean Sure Thing 20L Moss and Mould KillerXClean Sure Thing

XClean Sure Thing is a concentrated moss, mold, algae, and lichen killer. You dilute the product, spray it on the growth you don’t want, the growth dies and stays dead. The surface then remains clean and clear for months (usually 12 months or more). It’s that simple.

New Zealand’s climate means that a number of mold and algae growths are particularly aggressive. This is the reason why growths appears on every piece of exterior concrete, timber, and roof.  New Zealand is the perfect climate for it. XClean Sure Thing has been specifically formulated to deal with these stubborn growths. It’s not a formulation designed for Sydney decks, its designed for Waikato moss.

Unlike other moss & mold killers XClean Sure Thing cannot damage painted surfaces, roofs of houses, or clear coat on vehicles. This means you can use XClean Sure Thing with confidence knowing that you will get an excellent result without damage to your asset.

You can purchase Sure Thing through our online shop or by giving us a call on 0800 366 292.

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