Xtreme Clean and Bugs on Vehicles

5L XClean Xtreme Clean

Tips for keeping your vehicle bug free

Driving a vehicle leads to bugs plastering the front, particularly in in summer. Luckily Xtreme Clean helps with removing this. There are several tips to using Xtreme Clean in this situation.

Firstly make sure you have added just a couple of drops of Xtreme Clean to your windscreen washer tank. A couple of drops is all your want. 10-15 milliliters, this is about the cap size on our 5L size of Xtreme Clean. Another option is to spray some 1:5 diluted Xtreme Clean into the tank. About three good sprays will do it. You don’t need much at all. This will really help your wipers remove those bugs from your windscreen. (if you add too much Xtreme Clean your wiper liquid will really foam up when sprayed to your windscreen, this is not what you want).

Xtreme Clean when used for cleaning your vehicle will really cut through those bugs. Remember vehicle cleaning only needs a 1:40 dilution of Xtreme Clean (1 part Xtreme Clean to forty parts water).

However let’s be fair most of us don’t clean our vehicles as often as we should. We we go to clean them they are often covered in bugs. In this case something stronger is needed. A mix of Xtreme Clean at 1:5 (1 part Xtreme Clean to 5 parts water) is what you need. Spray this directly on the surface, and those bugs should wipe away. Easy as! (Just remember to hose this part of the vehicle off well to prevent streaking from occuring)

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