Xtreme Clean and Cleaning Adhesive Residue

There are many wonderful joys of children. One of the lesser appreciated joys is having them apply stickers (and tape!) to all sorts of surfaces in a house. Sometimes it doesn’t remove by itself very well, it looks peeled off, but a layer of adhesive remains, which over time collects dirt and looks revolting.

This isn’t unique just to kids and stickers. Any form of adhesive, tape, self adhesive picture hooks, and labels, all can leave this adhesive residue. With Xtreme Clean it’s easy to remove but there is a trick.

XClean Sticky Adhesive Promo
Here is a case in point, two stickers that had been applied to the toilet cistern by Miss Four. Not the sort of place you want to have grubby adhesive residue at all.

Preparing to remove Adhesive with Xtreme Clean

First place a paper napkin, or toilet paper over the area. You need to use a thin absorbent paper. The thinner the better.

Spraying Adhesive with Xtreme Clean

Spray the paper with Xtreme Clean at a 1:5 dilution. Make sure this is a heavy spray and and the Xtreme Clean soaks through the paper.

Paper Saturated with Xtreme Clean

The paper will then stay on the surface without you needing to hold it. This is the reason you want thin absorbent paper, so that the paper can stay on the surface.

Leave the surface for 5-10 minutes. Clean something else with the Xtreme Clean whilst you wait.

Wiping the Adhesive (Xtreme Clean)

Remove paper after 5-10 minutes have passed. Then wipe the surface clean. I’m using a baby wipe here as it was close on hand. Any cleaning cloth or sponge will do.

Surface clean thanks to Xtreme Clean

The adhesive residue will wipe clean. All thanks to Xtreme Clean and a little bit of know-how.

Really old adhesive (something that might have been left on the surface for months, or years) will still come away. You want to leave the Xtreme Clean for about half an hour, it may require more pressure to remove, but it will still come away smoothly.

Another use for XClean’s Xtreme Clean.