Xtreme Clean and (cooking) oil

Xtreme Clean blitzes that gunky oily buildup.

I’ve seen it in my kitchen, and you’ve seen it in yours. A buildup of oil, usually at the back of the stove, but often on top of microwave ovens, and on things kept beside the stove (kettles are a prime offender here). The surface feels sticky to touch, and looks smeary, or in really bad cases, slightly yellow.
Xtreme Clean blitzes this but you have to know how. Spray the area with Xtreme Clean at a 1:5 dilution. Then go get a damp cloth. It has to be damp. By the time you gotten your clothe and made it damp the Xtreme Clean will have had enough time to work it’s magic. As you wipe your clothe along the surface all of the gunk will come clean away onto the cloth.For larger surfaces have several clothes on hand. The gunk will quickly overwhelm your cloth, so trade it out for a new one.

Then just spray the clothes again with your 1:5 mix and throw them into your washing machine.

Easy. Job done.