Xtreme Clean and Exhaust Stains

Car needing XClean Xtreme Clean to remove exhause staining

Those Brown Marks

Those exhaust stains don’t have to be on a motor vehicle either, they can often be found at the backs of motors by the motors, and on aircraft. Xtreme Clean is one of the few cleaners that will remove these stubborn marks easily and without damaging your vehicles clearcoat or paint – guaranteed!

The trick to doing it is simple, first, if possible expose the area to direct sunlight. This is not essential but it can save a little effort shortly.
Then mix up the Xtreme Clean to a 1:5 dilution.
Then spray the Xtreme Clean on the surface. Leave it for about thirty seconds.
Then apply a light agitation to the area. This can either be with a cloth, or in the case of a boat where the area is difficult to reach with a broom. If the surface is warm (i.e. in direct sunlight) the marks will just vanish. If it is not a little bit of pressure will be needed. If the stains are really really old and in the shade you’ll need to spend about 2 minutes rubbing.
Finally wash the Xtreme Clean off with a large quantity of water. The reason for this is that unless washed off well, at a 1:5 dilution the Xtreme Clean will streak on the paint as it dries. Its the same look as when you don’t clean liquid soap off your stainless steel sink well enough. Not damaging but it looks wrong.

There you have it, marks gone, and with very little effort.