Xtreme Clean and Mag Wheels

2 x 1L Xclean Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean cleans Mag Wheels

Xtreme Clean is a citrus cleaner.Xtreme Clean is not just any citrus cleaner, it is a proper citrus cleaner. This means it’s active ingredient is the oil from orange peels (D’Limonene). A large number of other cleaners that look like orange cleaners are actually sodium hydroxide or sodium metasilicate with an orange scent. (This is because those materials are cheap). Those materials are also corrosive.

Mag Wheels are important because they are chrome, any corrosive cleaner will, over time, damage the mag. That is why it is important to use a cleaner that is completely non corrosive.Xtreme Clean is completely non corrosive. Xtreme Clean cannot damage your mag wheel.Xtreme Clean will clean mag wheels at a 1:20 dilution rate (1 part Xtreme Clean to 20 parts water) absolutely fantastically. Just spray the Xtreme Clean onto the mag, wipe with a sponge (or soft brush) and then hose off. Job done.

You will pay $9.98 for 500ml mag wheel cleaner at other places. 500ml of Xtreme Clean costs $0.83 if you are buying 5L of Xtreme Clean and $2.62 if you are buying 1L of Xtreme Clean. That’s a HUGE saving.

You can buy Xtreme Clean here or you can call us on 0800 366 292. Don’t forget Xtreme Clean will clean the interior roof of your motor vehicle, and Xtreme Clean will help keep the front of your vehicle bug free.