Xtreme Clean and Sticky Fingers

With it being Halloween there is a chance that your children (if they are anything like mine) have conned you into buying candy. Too much candy. And if they are anything like mine they will gobble the candy, and they will grab bits from the bowl and put them in their pockets (ostensibly for later) and they will squirrel pieces away under their bed when you’re not looking. They’ll check the lollies and then spit it out because “I don’t like it any more I want THAT ONE HE HAS!”

In short they’ll make an absolute mess, the type of mess that makes me question if it is all worth it. 

Thankfully Xtreme Clean (New Zealand’s best Citrus Cleaner) makes short work of this mess. Here are some simple steps to make cleaning up after messy treats a breeze. Remember that Xtreme Clean (the absolute best citrus cleaner) is safe for your children’s skin. You don’t need to remove them from the room whilst you clean. In fact Xtreme Clean is so safe you could make your kids clean up their own mess. 

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, because we all know that children could create even more mess with a citrus cleaner than they can with sweets, let’s get onto some specifics. 

For lollies that have been dropped/ground into the carpet: Get a mix of 1:5 (one part Xtreme Clean to five parts water) and give the area a good spray. Wait 2-3 minutes. Then using the hard plastic head of the bottle try to roll the sweet in once piece off the carpet onto a paper towel. Once this is done give the carpet a gentle agitation (again the top of the bottle works well) and then apply an absorbent cloth (or paper towel) to sponge up any remaining sweet (and Xtreme Clean)

For hand marks on the wall simply spray the wall with a mix of 1:20 (one part Xtreme Clean to twenty parts water) and wipe off with an absorbent cloth.

For marks on pockets spray the fabric with a mix of 1:3 (one part Xtreme Clean to three parts water) let it soak for 30 minutes then place it in the wash. Please be aware that a number of sweet dyes (particularly artificial red and orange) actually set into the fabric and cannot be removed by any means. However most greens and a number of natural colours can be removed with this method.

If you have a sticky mess to clean up you can purchase New Zealand’s best citrus cleaner here!