Xtreme Clean and thistlesap on tractors

XClean Xtreme Clean 20L

Following on from talking about Xtreme Clean and lawnmowers I wanted to talk about Xtreme Clean cleaning thistlesap.  This is found on tractors and equipment and can be a right pain to clean off.  Xtreme Clean makes it easy.  Just make up a mix of Xtreme Clean at a 1:5 dilution (one part Xtreme Clean to five parts water) and give the tractor/equipment a good spray.  Wait a few moments then hit it with your high pressure hose.  The gunk and sap will flush right off.

One thing to be aware of is windscreens.  The Xtreme Clean at 1:5 is much stronger than we recommend for windscreen cleaning.  If the Xtreme Clean dries on, or is not removed fully it will leave a smeary looking film.  This will come off but will require further cleaning.  In order to ensure this doesn’t happen do not leave the Xtreme Clean on the windscreen for longer than 2 minutes, and give the glass a good hose down with the hose.

You can purchase Xtreme Clean, New Zealand’s strongest Citrus Cleaner here.