Xtreme Clean and Wax removal

New Zealand’s best citrus based cleaner can help with wax removal. This can be particularly helpful if you are trying to remove surfboard wax from a surfboard (perhaps to repair it), remove wax from draw runners (again likely if you are repairing it) or if some little fingers has taken to a wall with a candle. 

It is always easier to remove the wax from a warm surface, so if possible wait until the middle of the day. Place the item outside (if possible). If it is the depths of winter consider running a heater in the room. 

Then go and get some Xtreme Clean, at a mix of 1:5 (one part of NZ’s strongest citrus cleaner to five parts water) and give the area a good spray. Then get a non scratch scourer, such as the green back of many sponges. Rub this slightly rough thing over the surface. The wax should be soft enough that it comes off the surface and sticks to the pad. Then apply a second spray of 1:5 Xtreme Clean and go back over the surface with an absorbent cloth.

That’s it, job done! It’s that easy.

You can buy New Zealand’s best citrus cleaner here!