Xtreme Clean as a (dead) lamb deodorizer

I’ve written before about how Xtreme Clean is a deodorizer for pet smells. In addition to deodorizing pet accidents Xtreme Clean will also deodorize other smells.

One of the smells you get in a rural community is dead animals. And with Lambing coming to an end one of the smells that can really get working in is that of a dead lamb, especially if you have to skin one. Thankfully with New Zealand’s best Citrus Cleaner this problem is easy to solve.

Simply grab a 1:5 mix of Xtreme Clean (five parts water to one part Xtreme Clean) and spray the citrus cleaner mix over your arms and hands. Give them a little bit of a rub, and five minutes later rinse it off (either via a sink or a shower) and that’s it, smell gone.

You can also clean equipment from this smell in the same way. Just spray the affected area with a 1:5 mix of Xtreme Clean. In general you can just leave it (especially if it is a shed or trailer). If the surface is metalic the Xtreme Clean will produce a smeary result if not washed off, so if you care about this just wash the citrus cleaner off with with water.

It’s almost too easy. Buy some Xtreme Clean yourself today, remember it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, as we know you’ll love it.